Since I can remember I have been in love with the art of photography. Photography is my dream job, and I decided that one day I will try to pursue it, and that one day finally came in October 2012!  There is something about this art that brings out who I am, and it shows how much I love to take pictures of children and families.

It’s not about the posing and forcing people to smile, it’s about catching them in the moment, those are the real smiles. I love to see the real laughter, giggles, the pouting, the crying and much more! The best part is to see the love of the family through the pictures. I never know what I will capture through each session, but I do know that time passes by and you can never have that day back. BUT through the art of a camera I can make time stand still forever!

Seeing my clients smile when they see the outcome of how their photos came out is what really makes me happy. This is why I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY and decided to pursue my dream!

Paris Berry Photography


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  1. I am really glad that you did. I am so excited to see you grow in this form of Art! Its so exciting and encouraging whenever I see your work of art! =) Love ya!

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